Your collection day has NOT changed! Please put out your trash and recyclables before 7 AM on your collection day.

Excesive Garbage Notice: Town of Grand Island Code Enforcement Office (PDF) >


Size & Weight

Containers, bags and/or bushels shall NOT exceed 60 pounds in weight, excluding trash/bulk items. Any material not in cans or bags should be securely tied in bundles no more than four (4) feet in length.

Item Limit

Each week, we’ll collect up to 10 bags and/or containers, including 1 bulk item — i.e. mattress, box spring, furniture, carpet, or appliance.


Once a week, each family unit will be entitled to discard one (1) bulky item (i.e.. Mattress, box spring, furniture, carpet, or appliance).


In accordance with the disposal ban requirements of Section 27-2611 of the Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, on January 1st, 2015, it will become unlawful for residential households in New York State to place electronic equipment at the curb for disposal. Click the button below for information on how to dispose.


Customers generating syringes, hypodermic needles or sharps are required to notify Pinto Sanitation. Place all needles, syringes or other sharp objects in a hard plastic container with a screw-in cap (such as a detergent bottle). The plastic container should not be clear or see through. Once full, screw the cap on and secure the cap to the container with tape. Place the container in the middle of your garbage and in a garbage can or tote-NEVER IN A RECYCLING BIN. Do not place needles, syringes or other sharp objects in a clear plastic, glass, or aluminum container. Do not use any container for home health care waste that will be recycled or returned to the store. Pinto Sanitation also recommends that soiled bandages, disposable sheets, and medical gloves be placed in securely fastened plastic bags before they are placed in a garbage can with your other trash. If you administer home health care, Pinto Sanitation will not collect your garbage if all of your refuse is not in a hard plastic or metal garbage can. Please be sure that your home health care waste is not separated from or outside your normal refuse.


If you are doing a Home Remodeling Project, Pinto Dumpsters has 15-40 cubic yard containers that can be dropped off at your home. Please visit or call/text 716-239-1009 to reserve your dumpster. ALL Grand Island Residents will receive a Discount on dumpster rentals.


Plant clippings, branches and twigs will be picked up by Pinto Sanitation as part of the 10 item limit as long as they are placed properly in a suitable container (trash can)or bag, or tied and bundled less that 4′ in length and weighing less than 60 lbs. BRUSH/TREE LIMBS: MUST be tied in bundles not to exceed 4 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length. One person must be able to easily handle these items. Anything larger or not bundled will be picked up by the Town of Grand Island Highway Department


All garbage, refuse and waste material intended for collections shall be placed in material-tight plastic bags or in water tight containers, with a min capacity of (20) gallons and max capacity of (30) gallons. All containers shall be equipped with handles and fitted with a cover. Fall Leaves: Leaves must be bagged are is part of the 10 item aggregate to be picked up weekly or up to 10 Bags/containers which should not exceed 60 lbs in weight per bag/container, excluding bulk item. Winter Tree Collection: Christmas trees will be collected throughout the holidays and are exempt from the 4ft rule.

Frequently Asked Questions