May 23, 2019

Excessive Garbage Notice

Notice from the Town of Grand Island Code Enforcement Office, Regarding Weekly Garbage Collection

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The town has a multi-year contract with a vendor for the collection of garbage on a weekly basis. This contract has specific weekly limits in order to keep the cost down for residents. The limits are as follows: containers, bags, or bushels shall not exceed 60 lbs in weight, excluding bulk items. Materials not in cans or bags should be securely tied in bundles, not more than 4′ in length. The weekly pickup limit is 10 bags or containers. They will also accept one bulk item as part of the ten items. Large remodeling projects either by homeowners or contractors which create a large quantity of heavy or bulk item should contact the vendor for discounted options for removal of these items which could not be taken by a normal weekly pickup, thus creating a violation of Town Law.

An example of garbage that is not within acceptable guidelines.

According to Town Law, Section 218-4 (B) litter and garbage shall not be stored or piled on land with the Town except to facilitate delivery to a refuse collector. Items shall not be stored in anticipation of such collection for a period in excess of 72 consecutive hours, without resulting in violation of Town Law.

Each and every day a violation of this Section of law continues, it shall constitute a separate violation and penalties shall be applicable to each separate offense. Penalties for every violation of this law shall be punishable by a maximum fine of $250 or by imprisonment for not more than 15 days, or both. Please see to it that this is remedied and that it does not happen in the future.

Town of Grand Island
Code Enforcement Office